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10 Reasons Why 80% Relationships Fail

Relationships fail due to many reasons, as they are sensitive in nature. Romantic relationships are always as fragile as glass. It is essential to keep nourishing the relationship with love, care and respect like a plant needs water and sunlight to grow.

Relationships need to be taken care of as it is not just about one person, but many lives are related to it.

Relationships suffer because of changes in the behaviors of the partners due to any stress or traumas. For this reason, relationship therapists who are giving online relationship counseling opportunities to people to help them find compatibility in their partners.

Many aspects can be the reason for people parting their ways out of a romantic relationship which are outlined below:

1. Trust Issues

The lack or loss of trust is one of the most harmful effects on a couple’s long-term relationship. Trust is the base of any relationship, and when trust shakes, the relationship fails to stand firm.

2. Moving Through Life at Different Speeds.

Having different career choices and jobs makes a relationship suffer when both partners are workaholics. When two people are in a relationship, they expect a lot of attention and time, but when the expectations are not fulfilled both feel insecure. Insecurity is the biggest reason for couples to fall apart.

3. Drug Addiction.

Due to stress, people start taking drugs to calm themselves, but this affects their relationships. There are solutions like cbt online to cure behavioral problems.

4. Inferiority Complex among the partners.

When one partner is doing great career-wise, the other feels belittled, and jealousy and anger increase.

5. Not maintaining work-life balance

Not maintaining a work-life balance is also one of the reasons for the sinking of the relationship. Not spending quality time with the partner makes the relationship dead, and spending quality time with the partner keeps the relationship alive and healthy.

6. Not getting out of past traumas and keeping secrets.

People in relationships should leave their past behind and move forward with their partners; otherwise, it directly affects their relationship. When both the partners have something to hide, then the relationship is in serious trouble.

7. Lack of respect for the partner in a relationship and being selfish.

Respect is a vital aspect of keeping a relationship healthy. A long-term relationship starts to suffer when partners start taking each other for granted. It is terrific to make other partners feel important to keep a relationship healthy.

Be gentle with your partner and avoid any verbal or physical abuse in case of any arguments.

8. Scared of being alone and the sense of growing apart.

The fright of falling apart and being alone makes partners feel possessive about each other. We need to understand that every relationship is different.

When partners do not care about each other, the relationship automatically sinks. It is crucial to give attention to each other to keep the relationship healthy.

The relationship suffers when one partner is traumatized due to some unfortunate incident that happened in their life. The partners are unable to focus on each other, and then they feel scared to fall apart.

9. Not prepared to get married.

Getting married when one partner is not prepared for the marriage is the biggest reason for falling apart.

Some of the marriages suffer due to the early birth of the children as the couple is on the road to understanding each other, but a child’s birth makes them busy with responsibilities. The couple remains confused about their personalities and feels stuck in the relationship with the responsibility of a child. This situation raises compatibility issues.

10. Infidelity.

Infidelity is one of the biggest reasons for relationships to hit rock bottom because if one partner cheats, the other significant partner does not want to live with them.

There can be compatibility issues among the couples which are irreconcilable and lead to infidelity.

The solution:

The solution to all these issues arising in the relationship is to get proper counseling sessions with an experienced relationship therapist. Therapists use CBT online technique very often during the sessions along with other effective tools and exercises.

Sometimes relationships suffer due to the inadequate mental health of anyone’s partner. So, relationship counseling online sessions do wonders for them to improve their mental health and strengthen their relationship.

Relationship issues also affect the parenting of their children. Due to destructive parental behaviors, children also suffer and tend to have anxiety and mental health issues. MindEngage offers affordable online counseling for teens to help children and teens with these issues.

To overcome relationship issues among partners, therapists worldwide are giving online counselling by an intimacy counselor to make partners realize how important they are to each other.

In conclusion:

Communication is very important for the people in the relationship. Couples need to be grateful about each other, respect each other, spend quality time, give importance to other significant partners, help each other financially, keeping all the differences aside and love each other unconditionally for a relationship to last longer. You should not worry about being lost in a relationship and try to engage with the relationship therapist for relationship counseling if you find yourself or your partner in any such situation. There can be differences between the couples, and these differences can be solved by taking the help of experienced relationship therapists and marriage/intimacy counselors at MindEngage.

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