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Our Mission

We help thousands of people fight against the challenges they face in their life journey!

Our Aim


Mind Engage is a value-driven platform that aims to provide reliable, accessible, and virtual counseling services around the globe.

With treatment plans for swift growth, we serve clients of every age. Our services range from individual counseling to couples therapy: from child counseling to family therapy, and more.
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Our Core Values Include

Affordable Care:

We believe that mental health care should be at the cost you can afford. We are proud to offer standard rates at 35-50$ per session and provide a 30% discount if you register for 4 live video sessions per month.

Dedicated Mental Hygiene:

We believe that everyone is capable of healing. So, we invest our energies to improve the quality of our client’s lives. We dedicate ourselves to provide the right support and help our clients with a range of mental health resources.

Collaborative Growth:

We believe that counseling is a transformational process, and growth is possible in all aspects of life. We understand the unique needs of our clients, acknowledge the challenges they face, and remain committed to our client’s well being as long as they struggle to bring change in life.

Instant Match:

We believe that getting help with mental disorders should not be complicated. Therefore, we promise to match you with the right counselor within 24 hours or less.
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