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You live in a world crowded with people, but still, you might feel forlorn, abandoned, or depressed, with nobody to understand you when things get rough. Don’t worry; we will support you through thick and thin.

Meet People Who Understand

We believe that everyone can benefit from e-therapies. That is why we have developed a vibrant community of skilled and emotionally focused online therapists based on your clients’ needs. Over the years, we have helped thousands of individuals by employing several treatment modalities, including but not limited to individual psychotherapy, depression therapy, autism intervention, marriage therapy, and more.
Since Mind Engage values its consumers, we carefully select each mental health therapist and counselor, considering their expertise, aptitude, and determination to help the suffering world flourish and thrive.
Our therapists believe in the healing power of psychoanalysis and are always ready to assist you through the ups and downs. They aid the clients in accomplishing their therapeutic goals by utilizing radical approaches to treatment.
We are all in it together; we offer support, empathy, and compassion for mental health disorders through numerous channels, including zoom conferencing, phone calls, and texting.


Mind Engage offers online counseling services in the following:
Relationship Counseling
Autism Therapy
Child Counseling
Sex Therapy
Behavior Therapy
Depression Therapy
Individual Therapy
LGBTQ Therapy

How Can We Help With Online Counseling Services

Individual Counseling: Are you dealing with anxiety, depression, or a mood disorder? Do you need assistance with past traumas or want to discard your nervous habits?

Our experts invest their energies wholeheartedly to train you aptly and help you make the desired changes in your lifestyle. They aspire to provide the best virtual treatment considering unique requirements.

Child Counseling: Is something more important than your child’s well-being? The answer is a loud ‘no.’

When the child suffers, the whole family suffers. Your child might be autistic or show some abnormal behavioral patterns.

If this is the case, you can consult our telehealth services specially designed for kids, for instance, autism intervention services, play therapy, and speech pathology.

Marriage Counseling: Are you constantly fighting with your partner, want to improve intimacy, or need professional intervention to tackle sexual issues?

Our counselor for couples will help you heal and strengthen your connection with the person you adore.

Teen Counseling: Teens may develop mental illness because of social isolation, rejection, or substance abuse. A dysfunctional home environment can also put them in trouble.

At Mind Engage, our counselors can assist you with teletherapy for teens. We offer separate remedial sessions for the parent and teen to address the issues effectively.

Family Therapy: Every family has clashes, but if they escalate, they might destroy the familial bonds. Our joint e-sessions can prevent your family from breaking apart.

At Mind Engage, our online counselor will aid you in identifying dysfunctional communication and behavior patterns; they will equip you with effective conflict-resolution strategies.

We Also Care for LGBTQ Members

Growing up in isolation can cause issues surrounding self-esteem or identity. You might be at greater risk of developing psychological disorders if you have endured harassment, bullying, physical or sexual abuse, and social taboos.
Our professionals understand the barriers you face as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer; they would assist you with specialized virtual treatment for LGBTQ members. They value you as a unique individual and extend support to deal with gender dysphoria and social stigmatization.
Our LGBTQ counselors and gay therapists can aid you in coming out, exploring your identity, overcoming relationship challenges, and more. Our best virtual therapist will make you feel heard and understood as long as you struggle to improve the quality of your life.
If you are an LGBTQ member, you are only a step away from a better life. Try our best telehealth services for your issues; we assure you will see quite an improvement.

Instant Help on Any Device, anywhere in the World

We understand how troublesome it could be to consult a physical therapist, how impossible it could be to manage time from your already monotonous routine, and how difficult it could be to sift multiple records to find a therapist who best fits your need. Above all, we know how costly it can be, with less or no chance that it will aid you in restoring the damage.

At Mind Engage, we offer therapeutic services on your terms. As we cherish your ease and comfort, we arrange rehabilitative sessions at a flexible time so that they easily fit into your busy, hectic routine.

You only need a smart device and secure internet to consult our e-services. Additionally, we will match you to the best virtual counselor within 24 hours or less.

Why not avail the opportunity? Contact us now to schedule an appointment with our online practitioners.

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Be Ready for A Better Future

We believe that everyone can heal if they get equal opportunities. Not only do we provide affordable mental health services online, but we also address our community needs with devotion. Our central purpose is to empower people to share their stories without hesitation and make an observable difference in their living conditions.

Improve your mental health, try Mind Engage Online Counseling. Each step on your path is towards a better future.

Why Choose Mind Engage?

You might be wondering why to choose mindengage for online mental health counseling. Here are the reasons:

We are not like traditional therapy websites. Here, you will get all the tools you need to improve the quality of your life.

We value your privacy! All the details you provide to us remain confidential as we do not record your therapy sessions.

Our online counseling services rely on proven and well-researched psychiatry drawn from a range of behavioral experiments.

Our mental health counseling online saves you from the hassle of traveling. All you need is a computer, laptop, or a mobile device, and you can get instant help, no matter wherever you are.

Unlike in-person sessions, you can collaborate with a mental health therapist from the comfort, convenience, and safety of your home. You will find it easier to be open to your therapist this way.