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There are many types of mental illnesses that we all suffer from. No one knows what the other person is going through. The time has come for people to begin recognizing and seeking help for these mental problems. Leaving it unattended may lead to serious issues and may have a detrimental impact on your life.

In this day and age, numerous therapists can help you relieve mental stress or at least help you cope with it. Seeing a therapist online will not only save your time traveling from one place to another, but it will also be a more comfortable option for you if you want to avoid making eye contact or expose your body language to another person.

Online counseling or therapy sessions are now possible, just as companies can conduct online meetings, fitness classes, and happy hours. Online psychiatry is a great option for you if you want to take the sessions remotely and not face to face.

What is Online Therapy?

An online therapist is just a normal therapist trained to provide you mental assistance or medications via the internet, whether a video call, live chats, or live calls. Online counseling is a step towards advancement in helping you get assistance as easily as you can.

They are specialized doctors who can diagnose, treat and suggest medications after a complete diagnosis. This process or session is done through mobile phones, telephones, laptops, or tablets.

What Kind of Treatments Can be Done Through Online Therapy?

Online counseling is a platform where you can get therapy for various kinds of problems. You need to find the right counselor for that specific problem, and you are almost halfway through the process of recovery. Mentioned below are some of the various therapies and their brief details that you can have online assistance of:

● Therapy for Depression:

This is one of the most common types of mental illness that various people are going through nowadays. Finding an online therapist for the therapy of depression is not a difficult task. Psychotherapy is one of the best therapy a depressed patient can receive, and it can be done via an online session with a psychiatrist. The doctor can prescribe medication after a thorough online session.

● Behaviour Therapy:

Behavior therapy deals with a wide spectrum of mental health disorders or unhealthy behaviors that contribute to self-destructive attributes. It is important to deal with these issues, and online therapy can help a lot. An online psychologist can perform cognitive behavioral therapy through several online sessions.

● Couples or Relationship Therapy:


Many married and unmarried couples go through a difficult phase that can shake the foundation of their relationship. At that moment, it is best to seek advice from an expert to save the relationship. There are a lot of benefits of relationship counseling. Online counselors are available on various platforms to help one get through these rocky times. These sessions can help them recognize the importance of their partner and enhance the essence of the relationship through couples counseling.

● Parenting Therapy:

It is not an easy task to raise a child or children. Sometimes it can get a little bit frustrating. That is high time one recognizes the problem and seeks an expert for the best advice. These online sessions can help parents by providing them with knowledge, guidance, and support to raise their children in the best possible manner.

● Autism Therapy:

There are various treatments for autism through therapy sessions. Applied Behavioral Analysis is one of the most recognized treatments for autism, and it can be performed via online sessions with therapists. Among other methods are speech therapy and occupational therapy, which can be done online too. Although for physical therapy, the patient needs to visit a therapist.

● Online Sex Therapy:

Sex therapy is one of the most significant problems among the couples or an individual. It needs proper guidance to overcome this psychological problem. Online sex therapy sessions with a sex psychiatrist can help a lot in overcoming the problems like performance anxiety or relationship problems caused by sexual problems. In relationships, the psychiatrists focus mainly on communication between the couple, which can be done via online therapy sessions.

How Do Online Therapy Sessions Work?

First of all, one needs to sign up for an online service program to get the benefits of an online therapy session. After that, the specific therapist is selected for the therapy sessions. You might need to provide your health insurance information while signing up for an online therapy platform.

Once all these problems are figured out, you can set different dates for online sessions by contacting your therapist from the comfort of your bed or couch. Make sure you have a healthy internet connection, a smartphone, tablet, or laptop so that you can attend these sessions properly.

Online Platforms:

Sites like BetterHelp, TalkSpace, Teladoc Help are online platforms where you can sign up to seek the help of a licensed consultant or therapist.

They start with a thorough questionnaire to find out your preferences and get to know a little about you. You can sign up on these platforms to connect with therapists and counselors that are very professional and efficient in their field.

You can contact them as you like. There are multiple options for you to select, whichever you prefer and are easy with. You can connect to them via messages, calls, online calls, etc.

You do not need to pay the bills weekly, you can also pay monthly if you want. These online therapeutic sessions can cost 80$-100$ weekly.

Effectiveness of Online Therapy:


In the age of modern science and advancement, online therapy sessions have proven to be effective. According to some researchers, it is even more effective than face-to-face therapy sessions.

One of the best things about online sessions is that they are both effective and affordable. On top of that, these sessions are also time-saving and easy to maintain compared to in-person therapy sessions. Young patients are found to be more fond of online therapy sessions than conventional therapeutic visits.

Researchers have found that online therapy sessions are very effective for issues like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD, and depression or anxiety. All in all, these sessions are proven to be viable, effective, and almost equivalent to conventional in-person therapy sessions.

Online vs. In-Person Therapy Sessions:

Sometimes you are going through a phase where you do not want to expose your expressions or body language to another person, even if it’s a therapist. Online therapy sessions come in handy in these kinds of situations. Even though it is sometimes important to judge a patient by examining their facial expressions and body language, still a lot can be diagnosed via online therapy sessions.

Another advantage of online therapy sessions is that if you have no clinic or therapist available near your house or residence, you can sign up on an online platform to seek help from a therapist by just having a smartphone or laptop and a strong internet connection.

You must keep in mind that online therapy sessions can save you money on gas and traveling, and you can attend these sessions from the comfort of your home, where you might feel more congenial sharing the details of your problems.


In this article, we have discussed the feasibility of online psychologists and online therapy sessions as compared to in-person sessions. They are proven to be cost-effective and productive.

Even though these sessions might not be feasible for everyone, they are certainly helpful when it comes to attending the sessions on your own time from the comfort of your home. In addition, they are a more convenient option if you have no psychiatrist present near your residence premises.

Hopefully, this article finds you in the best of your health and proves to be handy to solve the problems you are facing in your life. Thank you!

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